Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where do I get my protein?

Biggest question I ever get where do you get your protein?! I want to say that the sales personal that sold this country the "protein" myth did a fabulous job. I like to take questions and logically question them from a common sense approach.

1st) do I know anyone or every met anyone with a protein deficiency? NO (and I meet tons of people) and you could tell if they did. So no worries here, the average american exceeds 6%.
2nd) Babies need the most protein for support during brain developement and breast milk (the best form of food for baby) is around 6-8% protein. So as a grown adult 6% is more than enough. No worries here eating 6 peices of fruit will give you at least 6%.
3rd) where does muscle come from, protein? NO sorry guys and gals it does NOT come from eating protein like meat which by the way is mostly fat, muscle comes from resistance. With weights or body weight, muscle is build from resistance and protein is for repair. AND the best most assumable protein for humans is . . . . .GREEN LEAVES (spinach, kale, romaine, collards, Swiss chard, etc). Easiest way to get the forgotten greens into your body, GREEN SMOOTHIES and a few body resistant excersises for the muscle and you are GREAT to GO!!!
HOW: I like to go to Trader Joe's or Costco or Whole Foods Market get some organic spinach and organic (very important organic still has the minerals and no pesticides) celery and organic banana and blend with water and ice. I use 1 stalk of celery, 1 handful of spinach and 4 ripe spotted bananas, sometimes I may add some berries. I love the stuff. In the beginning I used only a little greens and now I add more and more. I love them and they are sooo good for your body and the smoothie even tastes amazing.
Here's to your pro-teen cuz I am for teens, they are the only pro-teens worth thinkin about!
fruity green goddess momma


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