Friday, February 13, 2009

Self Reflection, Self Love

I am sure everyone has a friend or perhaps even yourself that is not happy with their appearance. Whether they or you think your too fat, skinny, your legs are too big or small, its all negative thoughts towards a beautiful being such as yourself. Comments like this only create more of what you don't want. Take a break and consciously love at least one thing about yourself. 

I know there is at least one thing about yourself you do love/like start there and focus your attention on that and only that one thing. As the days go by play a game with yourself to see if you can find one more thing per day you can add to your list. 
day 1: I love how small my wrists are.
day 2: I love my small wrists and my tiny thin fingers.
day 3: I love my small wrists, my tiny fingers and my lips.

You get the point.
Love were you are NOW, in this moment and soon you will be where you want to be. 

With love of myself and love for you,
fruity green goddess momma


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