Thursday, February 12, 2009

Create the Fun in your Challenge!

Neale Donald Walsh wrote:
"fun is not defined as the absence of challenging circumstances, but as the absence of anger about them."
Last month I decided I wanted to create a new habit of responding and NOT reacting to a situation I did not find favorable. I decided before I started my 30 practice of calm responsiveness what I would do instead of my former anger reaction. I decided I would stop and ask myself is what I am about to get angry over worth the effort and acid in my body? Once I started my practice and as I started to become angry I stopped myself and ask my question and every time my answer was. . . NO. My mind would start to think of how special this person is and how much I love myself and love to feel calm. During my 30 days I only became angry 4 times! WOW a record for me.

Acid from anger or rage is worse for your digestion than anything you may eat. Give yourself a gift and practice something you want for yourself and not what you don't want. It only takes 21-23 days to create a new habit and a life time of personal progression!

Here's to your new positive habit in your life and remember the fun comes in how you take in the challenges in your life.
Life is a journey ENJOY the ride!
Fruity Green Goddess Momma


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