Monday, February 16, 2009

On the other side of FEAR- Self Satisfaction

Self Satisfaction is a fabulous feeling. Whenever we are treading in unfamiliar territory like a new life style, such as eating a living foods/raw way, or creating a new habit, from day 6 to 10 we may stubble upon feelings of unfamiliarity and perhaps even fear. STOP and RELAX, know that you are not alone. These feeling are similar to those of when you ride a roller coaster. At first on the roller coast you may feel excitement, you are on the roller coast for the fun, right. The closer you get to the top of the first big hill, the more your excitement may turn to fear or maybe your stomache starts to get butterflies, you may even want to run, hide, of just get off. The first 6 to 10 days of a new life style or habit is the rising on your big hill in your roller coaster of life. You started because you were excited and inspired. Then after 6 to 10 days fear or doubt may start to set in and you may want to stop and run away from those feelings. 

At this point please feel free to take a deep breathe and understand once you get over the first big hill the momentum of the roller coaster just goes and goes, things get easier and easier and you feel ELATION and in the end high self satisfaction. Once you have reached this type of self satisfaction know one needs to say anything to you or give you a pat on the back because You know how amazing you are and YOU DID IT. You rode the ride went through the fear or doubt and came out feeling Grand with a new sense of self and more knowledge of you and what you can do!

I welcome you to ride through your fear and doubts on the other side is finding out more about yourself and a feeling of total self and knowledge, YOU DID IT!!! If you feel like you would like support, find a mentor that is doing what you want and not those that will add to your fears or doubts. 

ENJOY your rides through fear we can find more of what we are really capable of on the other side! 

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