Wednesday, December 31, 2008

INSPIRATION #8 A Smile is Worth 1,000 Words


I love to smile, I smile all the time, and most of the time people smile back. I have found that a simple smile is all it takes to connect with others. Everyday I put out an intention to meet and connect with as many new people as I can. I find these smiles contagious and in many cases the people I smile at will start a conversation or I will.
In 2009 it is my intention to consciously create LOVE, PEACE and COMPASSION in each moment. A smile is a beginning, a kind word is another and the more I can inspire others to take their nutrition more fresh, fruity and green through love, peace and compassion the more I feel the return of love, peace and compassion. My personal inspiring contribution to you and all is to continue to gift you our fruity green family blog. Please continue to ENJOY these words, videos and recipes.
I would love to inspire you to gift of your talents and watch the boomerang of the universe come back full circle and gift you all of what you put out. We have the power to live an intentional life spreading love, peace and compassion one smile at a time.

Have a Compassionate 2009
With Appreciation,
Keep it Fresh,

Speaking of smiles, recently I was asked about eating a raw food diet and how it was on your teeth. Through years of our family eating a raw food diet I have found as with eating any other diet that as long as you keep it fresh and low fat your teeth will be great. When lots of dried fruits and nuts are eaten you can experience teeth issue. I think it is easy to over do nuts and dried fruits in the beginning so just remember to eat these things very sparingly and you will do great!

(Oops! here is the recipe I forgot to give you early)
Ring in the new year with a fresh dressing to top your amazing fresh organic green salads. Remember add some fresh citrus fruit (orange, tangerine, pineapple, or even apple works nicely) to your salads for even more amazing taste sensations!

Raw Goddess Dressing
by Darlene Navarre

2 celery sticks
5 to 7 dates
2 tablespoons of tahini
a chunk of onion
2 cloves of garlic
a bunch of cilantro or parsley
1 lemon  juiced
Salt or dulse to taste if desired (I avoid salt whenever possible, I think the celery is the perfect salt)
add water a little at a time 1/2 to 1 cup of water

Blend until smooth!
This is low fat and with the combo of 5 tastes sweet, sour, salty, spicy and bitter it is sure to please your taste buds

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December Fruity Green Family Video- NUT NOG


3 cups water
1 cup soaked almonds (soaked for at least 8 hours) 
(any of your favorite nuts may also be used)
10 dates or more to taste
1 or more banana to taste
1/2 TB nutmeg
1/4 TB cinnamon
turmeric for color

Blend 1 cup of water with almonds and blend well.
Strain through a cheese cloth bag or strainer from hardware store.
Put milk back in blender, add dates and blend well. 
Add rest of ingredients to taste and ENJOY your Happy Holiday treat!!!

INSPIRATION #7 Giving and Appreciation


I know with the holidays and all everyone has a theme for giving. I love giving and would consider myself a nature giver. For the past year or so I have been taking a deeper look into the art of giving and what I can do more to give on a daily bases.

I wanted to become more conscious of my giving I looked at what other inspiring givers were doing and also thinking of how I already give. At one point I felt a little overwhelmed by the need I could see that could use a lot of help, or so that was my story. I thought how could I help so many when I am only one person. Then I remembered the story of the man who was putting starfish back into the ocean. He could not help them all and it still made a difference to that one. I also feel that giving is contagious and when you give to someone that someone usually feels inspired to give to another and so on.

I even realized from speaking to an amazing gentleman I met the other night that giving continues even after one passes on. His wife had cancer and because she decided on an alternative health path she was able to continue her life on this planet for 5 years longer than expected. He was not really open to eating a diet different from what he was already use to as a body builder. Through the health his wife gained by changing her diet he began to open his mind and alas he joined us for a raw (pot) luck and gave of himself in the form a delicious dish he made with live ingredients and more importantly LOVE!

I also know giving also inspires attitudes of gratitude and of course both appreciation and giving (when given from the heart) both feel good. Feeling good creates more abundance of giving and WOW one think leads to the other and what more could one get than a complete package in life than giving and appreciation!

Someone once told me do what you love and you will always be happy, I would like to add, “do what you love and give, share it and that is true happiness.” Giving is a gift you give yourself also because without the oranges you can’t give away the orange juice.

I want to thank you for sharing in this blog as our gift and love to you all throughout the year, Happy Days!

The Fruity Green Family

For a Delicious Healthy Holiday Morning Treat

Berries and Creme
By Darlene Navarre

Almond Mylk:
2 cup almonds
4 cups water
Blend very well and strain through a cheese cloth bag

Put milk back in blender and add:
2 cups of Macadamia or cashew nuts
be sure to add only 1/4 cup at a time
Blend until smooth.
Then add 1 cup date/raisin combo
1 teaspoon to vanilla or one vanilla bean
blend until smooth

Put in bowl and add your favorite fruit (fresh or frozen).
A few favorites are peaches n cream and mixed berries n cream
Your can serve this at any family event and nobody will know that it is non dairy and with non refined sugar. ENJOY

Saturday, December 6, 2008


The Power of Decision

I have found excuses are no more than justifications for what you doubt in yourself. We are all out here in this amazing time, space, reality to experience contrast to decide what works for each one of us, no excuses needed. When my children ask me what the plans for the day are I always say this is my intention and I am open to surprises of change or deviation. However I have also found that when I am clear about what I want for myself it always seems to show up. It may not be the total package I dreamed up in my head and it is always perfect still.

Once I have tasted many flavors of life I may decide for that moment to make a decision about something that really works for me and brings joy to my life. I make a deliberate decision with all my heart and the universe shows up for me. 

Many times I hear comments from people about travel and how hard it is to eat healthy on the road. I believe when a strong decision or determination is completely made all the possibilities in life open up. Lets take a closer look:

I too thought this one time and then I opened my mind and eyes and all the sudden I could see the alternatives. My amazing partner (husband), Blake, travels everyday for his current living in life, and I have traveled for many of the past few years. On our journeys we always seem to find or SEE grocery stores all along the way. No matter where we travel we find all the living foods we need or we bring certain items along with us. Even airport and gas stations sell some sort of fresh fruits and vegetables. Blake’s sweet father lives in a remote area of Michigan and still when we visit him there is a grocery store just minutes from his home where we can buy a variety of fresh foods to satisfy our fresh living diet.
Blake once told me that when he was in Grand Junction, CO and his co-worker wanted to meet him for dinner at a popular restaurant. Blake had no idea where this restaurant was, when he asked the co-worker for directions he told him it was right across the street from the hotel they were staying in. Blake had been staying at that hotel for a week and never SAW the restaurant and yet he knew were the grocery store was .25 mile away. 

What I found is although it may not be the best Organic produce stores I am use to and love, any grocery store is better then most restaurants and all fast foods any grocery store works to provide us with fresh produce. 

Do yourself a favor when you make your decision and/or intent, be complete and strong and all the possibilities for keeping you on your path will be everywhere you need them to be.

In case your in a pinch take a trip to the grocery store to create a

Mixed greens or roman (if you can Organic as much as possible, lots of conventional grocery stores are carrying Organic now days)

Large or cherry/grape Tomatoes (cherry tomatoes are usually sweeter than the standard tomato)

Onion (purple onions are stronger, yellow onions are sweeter)

Red pepper


Any other fruit or vegetables you love (I love chopped pineapple or orange on my salad)

Slice the roman in small shreds and chop all your fruits and vegetables in tiny pieces.

I large avocado or 2 small (serves 2)
1 orange
3 chopped green onion or any other onion
Dill seasoning to taste (add salt and pepper if you desire)

In a bowl mash the avocado well. Cut orange in half and squeeze on top of avocado add chopped onion and dill (salt and pepper) to taste and mix all together. Place salad in a bowl and toss or just put dressing on top. Quick and easy and just about all grocery store sell these ingredients. ENJOY!

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