Monday, November 24, 2008

INSPIRATION #5 Thanks and Giving

Thanks and Giving

For this weeks INSPIRATION I wanted to acknowledge you on you health path and the amazing job you are doing in your life in general. Thank You for your awareness and effort towards yourself and your whole well-ness. Take time to Thank or Appreciate yourself. 
Giving may feel like effort when you are empty, tired, and possibly feeling bad about yourself, thinking your not doing enough or any other negative thoughts that can sneak in when we are down. Life can be overwhelming at times (especially during the hustle of the holidays) and in these times we can be less then affectionate towards our self and others. 

STOP: Take a moment to play the Appreciation Game. 
Start by thinking or writing down everything you appreciate and/or do well in your life. 
Example: "I love that I can hear music"
"I love how my hair has a natural curl"
"I love that I woke up and made myself a fruit smoothie"
"I love cuddling up to my children at night and reading to them."
"I love how my husband calls me just to tell me he loves me."
All the sudden you start to feel light and open. Your cup of life fills and giving becomes second nature. 

Thanksgiving Cheeze Ball
By Darlene

2 to 4 cups of 2 combinations of soaked nuts and/or seeds (example: walnuts/sunflower seeds, pecans/cashews, pumpkin seeds/sunflower seeds)
Blend nuts in a good blender add a little water at a time until smooth.
Place mixture in a milk bag, cheese cloth or sprout bag and twist tight. Making a cheese press place cheeze mix in bag on top of a strainer turned upside down or a plate turned upside down. Second place a second plate on top of the cheeze bag. Last put a weight on top (a water bottle, or anything heavy and stable). The idea is to press out the water with in the cheeze. Leave cheeze out overnight or at least 8 hours.

Now add any spices, red pepper, onion, jalapeno, parsley, etc to cheeze. For a final touch you can roll in crushed nuts and leave in frig for a while to allow the seasonings to soak in. The cheese ball will taste better with time. I love to serve it with flax crackers or crackers made with flax seeds, almond pulp and salt.
ENJOY and have a Thanks and Giving Day everyday!


Eli said...

great job! Love it all! good pict! Nice videos!

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