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20 years ago I hung around a group of friends whom I had a great time with. We surfed on the roof of cars, stayed up all hours of the night, and did as many daring things that we could think up. It was fun for the time and 10 years later I would hear from many of those friends and they were still doing many of the same things and asking me to come along. I was a mom and shopping with 3 kids was as daring as my world was anymore. Without judgement on those friends I simply just said a final no thank you and "good-bye" to them. I still smile when I remember the crazy fun times I had with them and I know that is not apart of my present moments.

I left the friendship with in a peaceful way and kept my happy memories in my heart and mind!

This is how I decided to approach the inevitable FOOD CRAVINGS!

I used to love french fries and for years I would give in and eat them. After I ate them I would feel sick. One day I decided to stop and take a moment to think of the french fries and my modivation to eat them even though I would always feel sick after??? I remembered the fun times going out with family and friends and my french fry friends were always there. I decided to think of them as friends that were no longer fitting into my healthy lifestyle without judgement or angst, just a simple "good-bye" and thank you for all the fun times I had with you. All the sudden not eating those french fries did not feel like deprivation I felt light and easy about not eating them.

A NEW recipe to create and make NEW memories!

Coconut Creme Pie

3 Young coconuts, opened and the juice reserved and meat taken out. (Thai or Young coconuts are white husked and can be found in Asian markets)

1/4-1/2 cup dates, pitted

1 very ripe banana

Blend the inside of the meat with the dates, and banana using the coconut water until think and smooth. I love slicing bananas like a crust in the bottom of a glass pie dish and then pouring half of the custard on top of the sliced bananas and then slicing more bananas in the middle placing the rest of the custard on top. You can then top your pie with shredded coconut or berries, get creative and enjoy creating those new memories!!


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