Friday, January 9, 2009

INSPIRATION #9 Belief System and Possibilities

I was recently listening to an amazing author by the name of Gregg Braden on the possibilities with in our present moment and future. One of many of the many comments he made and I so loved (I am paraphrasing) "is when your belief systems are working for you keep doing what your doing. I am simply offering you other possibilities to keep so if or when you feel your belief system is not working for you the ideas that I am presenting to you may be possibilities of ideas to replace them." Our Fruity Green Family blog is designed to offer you possibilities (one of my favorite words) of nourishing your body as well as your mind.

My intention is to gift you information and recipes towards achieving the best possible mind, heart, and body available to you. I welcome you to consider a life of freedom, clear mind, and a body that looks good on the outside and feels fabulous on the inside. It only takes around 23 or so days to create new habits or directions towards improvement. If your intention for yourself is clear and you feel good about what you are doing in no time you can achieve anything.

People are always asking me what can I add to my diet in order to become healthier, what cleanse should I do to get the "bad stuff" out of my body, wheat grass, lemon, Cayenne, garlic, elimination techniques. I would like to offer you a gentler easier way to allow you and your body wellness.

1. Awareness-
A. Journal: Somehow- journal, mental, text yourself, etc keep tract of what you are eating now. Pay attention and ask yourself how you feel after each meal.
B. Label reading: if you can not pronounce the words or know what they are they are STOP and think is this food or a science/chemistry experiment?
2. Consciousness (Veganism)-
From my experience it is best/highest to consume a plant based diet without meat or dairy products. Please take this only with the most love and understanding, our bodies are created for a primarily fruit based diet. Our teeth, our intestines, our hands and feet and the rest of our physical structure indicate this, think about our constant desire for sweets (simple sugars).
Be easy going you may simply want to start eliminating one animal a week or a month until you have created amazing dishes to replace those other animal based dishes. (The animals with also appreciate your approach and so will the planet, it will be a win-win for all)
3. Educate and Ask-
When you finish checking your emails or have 30 min do a little research and gain a little information about food, nutrition, thank heavens for the Internet we are so connected. Seek out or keep your intuition up for a mentor. When you are really serious and you meet someone that you feel is doing what you would like to do most of the time they are willing to be a mentor.
4. Simplicity-
Keep the process simple and loving yourself all along the way. Buy one new book a month and make sure the information inside is easy to follow and the recipes are simple. Look at reviews and see if you can read a few pages first.
Have faith that your body, spirit and heart knew what to do to create the amazing being you are now. Listen to your body when you need to fast you will not feel like eating, wait to eat until you are hungry, your body will take care of you and give you clues when action by you is required. No need to force the process by adding oil and lemon juice just increase your awareness and all will be grand.

I hope for now this is a start to inspire you with a few simple things to get your New Year off to a healthy start. Please always remember to be kind, gentle and easy going with yourself in creating any new habits.

With Love and Light,
your fruity-green momma,

Another amazing smoothie to treat yourself to!

Hawaiian Tropical Smoothie
½ young coconut (water and meat)
½ cup pineapple
¼ mango
1 banana
¼ cup ice
Serves 1

I love to through in some spinach or celery for a truly fruity green Hawaiian treat


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