Wednesday, January 14, 2009

INSPIRATION #10 Decide, Focus and Change Happens!

This week at Whole Foods Market in Las Vegas, NV I am demonstrating creating fresh live/raw salad's with delicious fresh dressing. I am also getting ready for next week when I will be delivering fresh raw meals to those interested in a live/raw days worth of meals here locally in Las Vegas/Henderson NV. I have always loved creating, cooking, and preparing amazing food for others. I myself was raised in a standard American home eating anything I cared to. My mom bought us candy, ice cream, and any other junk of any kind and the alike for Blake and his family. I did learn how to cook by the age of 5 years and always loved it, although many of the ingredients I cooked with were frozen or canned. Still my dad always loved my foods more than my mother's, whom did NOT like to cook and it always showed. We did have a garden but most of our food was cooked and nothing like a real healthy salad was ever served or was made by me for years (until I was 29 years old). Fresh never seemed too important even when I was cooked Vegan.

I realized by the time I was 29 years and sick with Ulcerative Colitis (which my father had already died of at age 50 yrs) that something was going to have to change for me to live (I was not going to be sick). I recently read a post on a blog by Steve Pavlina on his personal growth. (I am paraphrasing) Growth can be painful in the beginning and once you are willing to move through the pain you can grow so far. Growth many times requires pain or drastic change, a whole new approach, responsibility and new mindset! I observed my father going to doctor after doctor and still he just became sicker and sicker until we were all relieved for him to move on and out of his body because he was finally at peace. When I became really sick at 19 years (and in reality I was always sick growing up) I would only except wellness and peace NOW and I was going to seek out another opportunities and take responsibility for my own health.

While in my search I basically stopped eating to often, too painful. At the age of 24 years I picked up a book called "The Mormon Diet Cookbook" and my life shifted in the first real great direction. The funny (ironic) thing is I was raised Mormon and rejected it LOL. I read it and became Vegan the next day. My stomach problems went away (for a while) and I felt Fabulous!! By the time the pain returned I knew I could created change and within a few months I was introduced to a raw restaurant here in Las Vegas, NV (no longer here now) and another spark was ignited towards growth and consciousness. I became raw very soon after and since then I feel more and more A LIVE and conscious of my path in life. I once did not care for salads and from most of the salads out there I can see why you nor I would want to eat salads.

I want to INSPIRE you with a few raw/live salads for the days ahead in your life and more importantly I want you to understand the power you have within your thoughts and determination. Whether you are sick or feel healthy remember a healthy body and mind are synonymous with one another. YOU have the power to change, alter, and create whatever life you want. I love the real health and aware I have gained through my personal pain and growth!
My wish is for you to live a Healthy, Conscious, Full filled life and you have the power to do so!!

With all my love,

Avo-Orange Napa
Avo Orange Dressing:
1 avocado
2 oranges
1 TB dill
½ tea salt (if desire)
¼ tea Cheyenne
Mash avocado and add rest of ingredients and mix together. ENJOY!

Top it on or mix it into:
Napa Salad:
1 head of Napa cabbage shredded
4 green onions sliced
3 celery stalks sliced
1 beet, or carrot shredded
a bunch of cherry tomatoes sliced in half
¼ cup cilantro chopped

Garden Green Goddess Dressing
(my favorite dressing of the month, already on the blog bonus again LOL)
3 celery stalks
1 bunch cilantro
5 dates or 4 TB Agave
1 lemon juiced
chunk of onion
2 garlic clove
½ tea salt(if desire)
pinch of Cheyenne
2 TB Tahini
Blend well
I love this on mixed herb greens and tomatoes and any other favorite veggies I may have!
SERVES 8 (maybe)

And of course the Kinky Kale Salad from 1-13-2009



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