Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I'm walkin' on Sunshine, and it feels GOOD!"

I am feeling sooo incredibly inspired and happy happy happy, I am so flowing down stream I feel so in line with what I have always wanted in my life and that is to make a difference, inspire others to be in the drivers seat of their life, health, and over all wellness! I read a book last year called Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, an amazing book by the way, and she tells of a journey to getting to know herself through her journey to Italy, Bali, and India. Elizabeth I am dedicating this blog entry and the next 2 entries to you, you (along with a few other amazing beings) inspired me to follow my passion. I too have been on a journey to knowing myself the self I have been too unaware and a bit scared to recognize, to see with the conscious side of me, the self I can share with the world and connect to others and inspire them to connect too.

Now I am coming out per say to give more of myself and I just fall in love with me every day more and more and the results are I have more to give! More Love, More Passion, More Inspiration, I am living a life worth living. When you can look into the mirror and see you and all the beauty you have to offer the world you can give more completely with a true sense of giving and appreciation. Give yourself a hug!!!

My 17 year old son came home the other day because he was upset that he and his girlfriend (of 3 years) broke up AGAIN. He was so upset he was sick and out of breath. I listened and remained present, calm, aware and in love with him and feeling appreciative of the way we get to love in this life. Really GET this: We have the opportunity to love so deeply so completely that when we think that the one we love is gone, it can hurt so much you may even feel your heart hurts. Isn't that GREAT! I remained sensitive to my son and after reminding him that love starts within himself he started to calm and become more aware. I fixed him a large fruit smoothy(to support his body and sugar levels) and after a conversation about what he WANTED and not what he did not want, he started to smile and eventually he was laughing. Within hours his girlfriend called and they were friends again.

I love this life within moments you can change the flow of your FEELINGS and the universe shifts to give you what you want almost instantly!!!!

Tip when your feeling down: Find a friend you can call that will only speak to you about all the great things you want and not speak with you about what you don't want.
Example: I called my friend one day because I was angry about how my former husband has created a situation in which our daughter must go to school and she (after 13 years of home schooling) is unset quite often about it. My friend reminded me that 1. this is more about my daughter and her relationship with her father, empower her to create what she wants. 2. To focus on the good in the situation and what my daughter can gain from the situation, see the beauty in the storm. 3. To take responsibility in my part of the whole situation, self awareness and EMPOWERMENT. I felt better and I felt EM(IN)POWERED! I also felt love towards my daughter, my former husband and myself. I love Life and all its many EMPOWERING INLOVE moments!

So dedicate this moment, this week to looking for love in all places!!!

NOW lets EAT!!!
A recipe for Italy and Love
Treat yourself to life and love and take in some raw pasta:

Spaghetti LOVE:

1 ripe Roma tomato
1/2 cup sun-dried tomato slices
1 garlic clove
1 TB agave (1 date or 1 TB raisins works too)
1/4 cup red bell pepper
1 tea dried Italian seasonings
2 TB olive oil
fell free to add:
a couple TB fresh basil
a bit of chopped hot chilies
sea salt to taste

For chunk sauce chop in a food processor or for smooth sauce mix together in a blender.

Now for noodles with a cheese grater, grate veggies such as zucchini, jicama, and any other root veggie you like. Slice up some mushrooms and "THAT'S ITALIAN"!

With and In love,


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