Wednesday, March 4, 2009


About 2 years ago I started realizing how important giving to and loving myself was! At the time I had been a stay at home mom with children for 17 years (or a mom plus part time job with children). I wanted to be the best mom I could and the story in my head was "to be, do anything and everything for your children and that is your life". For 6 years I had not done much without my babies and I did enjoy it for the most part, and yet I started to lose myself in my children, what was I going to be do once they were grown?

One day someone asked me what I was interested in and I was stumped. I had "forgotten who I was first before I put myself last". I had no idea who I was or what I liked, what were my interests beyond mothering? I started to look into myself and ask questions like who are you, what do you like to do, were would you like to go in life? It took some time and process to move towards were I am today, in love with myself and into giving to myself too.

What did I do?: I started to think about how I fell in love with my husband and my friends. I thought why not take myself out enjoy me and find out what I do love. So I did just that, I started treating myself as almost a separate person. I started going out on dates with myself, going to a movies and out to dinner. I started hugging myself and finding one thing at a time I just ENJOYED about myself "I have lovely eyes I just love my beautiful blue eyes". I asked my friends what they liked about me, what did I do to inspire our friendship "you are fun and creative" they would say and I could see how really beautiful I was inside and out. One day I said to my husband "I love who I am, creative, different, cool, fun, beautiful, I feel in love with myself and everyone and I feel great like I'm walking on sunshine"!

Benefits for myself, family and those around me: I was kinder, more loving, happier than ever and more creative. Each moment when I am giving to myself and loving myself I grow more into the true being I came on this universe to be and I can give all day long, authentically!!

You are amazing and I don't have to meet you I just know because everyone is! Find out how incredible you really! After all you will always have you, you will always be there for you, you will never leave you!

Love yourself and the love just comes back 10 times!!!

With my love,
Goddess Momma

For the Green Smoothie Challenge I am doing for the month of March I would love to inspire you with a few morning or anytime green smoothies:

Berry fields

1⁄2 apple
3 bananas
1⁄4 cup mix berries
1-1⁄2 cup greens (spinach, kale, celery)
1/2 cup ice and water each
Blend until smooth.

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