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INSPIRATION #19 Why Raw Foods? 1/10: Heat Kills

Why RAW FOODS? 1/10: Heat Kills!

This is #1 of the 10 part Why RAW FOODS? series! Find out the importance, the Whys of eating a living, plant-based, raw food diet or at least the whys of including as many raw foods into your daily diet!

Please feel free to email any questions you may have to So lets get get things heated up and not over 112 degrees!

I am constantly being asked how do you have so much energy? I reply, "If you are what you eat then I eat fresh living foods full of life, the results: more fresh life to give and receive!" So give yourself more life and eat more fresh live foods. The foods perfectly designed for your body begin with mothers milk and should naturally move to plants/fruits.

Mothers milk is designed perfectly for humans and the nutrient break down in human breast milk is approx 80% carbohydrates, 10% fats and 10% protein give or take a bit 1-2% on exact figures and depending on what the mothers diet is made up of. Mothers milk is served body temp and no heated is needed. Enzymes, vitamin, minerals, a many more nutrients are prefect for absorption in our beautiful human bodies. Past the age of 1 year as all the first molars come in soft sweet fruits are a perfect transition food for baby.

Human breast milk is sweet and so naturally babies will gravitate towards ripe sweet fruits like bananas, mangoes, and melons again no heated is needed the skin protects the fruit and once peeled the fruit inside is soft enough for babies to consume. Of course after 2 years or so more teeth are available and leafy greens, vegetables, and citrus can be added until a full range of plant based foods are available and delicious without the need for heat.

Why does heat do to your body? burn, kill, injure, dehydrate. Yes it can keep you warm but only when its cold, past 90 degrees or so the heat starts to dehydrate you. Over time in the heat your body begins to release water in an effort to cool you down. Eventually, without water your body begins to shut down and you can even die from dehydration. The next time you cook turn on the heat source (stove), put you pan on the burner, and then place a piece of vegetable or fruit in the pan and then really observe what is happening.

Raw-live unheated plant based foods provide you with:

1. Enzymes, vitamins, minerals, available for absorption quickly and easily for your body.
2. Leave you with more energy, from not having to break down the heated enzyme-less foods, to repair, rebuild and Play more.
3. Feeling light and feeling full. Have you ever noticed after eating a huge heated meal you can leave the table still feeling hungry. Your body can get very little nutrients from heated foods. More nutrients satiate your body and leave you feeling satisfied.
4. Keep your bowels flowing in a natural way.
5. Cure ailments? I don't believe in cures I just this believe when you take away what is causing the ailment to begin with things have a way of healing themselves. If I keep hitting myself in the arm can I wonder why my arm hurts, silly. I think what you stop eating and thinking are the two most important steps in the health equation.

I hope this is a start for you to understand the importance of getting the most fresh, live, raw plant-based foods into your diet. Life is a journey and the observation along the way is part of your journey. Take the time to observe your life, your health and ENJOY and come back for more information next week!

With Love and Inspiration on your health path,
Goddess Momma

A Fruity Green Family Cool Sweet Raw Treat:

Macaroon Rawkies (un-cookie, lol) or Raw Pie Crust
1 cup macadamia nuts
1 cup cashews
6 or more dates
1⁄4 tea cinnamon
1⁄4 cup shredded coconut
Optional: orange or lemon rind
Process in the food processor with “S” blade
until desired consistency.

Sweet Date Honey
1/4 cup coconut butter or oil
5 dates
Sea salt to taste
Orange Juice and orange rind to taste
Blend until creamy. Serve over cookies, pies, fruit, etc.


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